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MA State BID Regulations:
An overview

  • Must be a contiguous geographic area. 

  • At least 75% of land zoned or used for commercial, retail, industrial or mixed uses. 

  • The petition must be signed by the owners of at least 60% of properties which account for at least 51% of the assessed value of the those properties within the proposed BID.

  • Established through a local petition and public hearing process. 

  • Option to renew every 5 years by BID property owners. 



The Business Improvement District (BID) is an effort initiated by the Downtown Brockton Association (DBA), but will be led, funded and governed by the property owners within the district. 

The team leading this effort is headed by Mary Waldron, interim President of the DBA, John Merian, owner of Merian Brothers, and Joe Casey, President and COO of HarborOne Bank.

City Center

Phase 1:

Testing Feasibility

  • Are conditions right for a BID?

  • Introduce the BID concept.

  • State the case for a BID. 

  • Recruit the Steering Committee.

  • Find the resources. 

  • Establish preliminary boundaries. 

  • Create a property owner database. 

  • Develop a plan outline and timeline. 

Phase 2:

Create the BID Improvement Plan

  • Conduct a needs assessment

  • Outreach to the community.

  • Write the BID Improvement Plan.

  • Determine the budget. 

  • Establish a fee formula.

  • Develop the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Establish a billing mechanism. 

Phase 3:

Conduct the Petition Process

  • Prepare the BID Petition. 

  • Organize the Petition Signature Campaign. 

  • Mail information package to property owners. 

  • Conduct the signature campaign. 

  • Organize the legislative authorization process. 

Phase 4: 

Initiate Operations

  • Form bylaws and Articles of Organization

  • Establish initial Board of Directors. 

  • Apply for nonprofit status. 

  • Communicate with members. 

  • Hire staff. 

  • Select vendors. 

  • Formally launch services. 

  • Update Improvement Plan. 

  • Amend, expand, or dissolve the BID. 

  • Reauthorization

The Process of Creating a BID

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