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Helpful Links


Here you can find links to important documents, maps, and surveys which will all be used in the formation and operation of the BID. 

Image by Scott Graham

Organizational Documents

This link will take you to a publicly-accessible Google Drive, where important working documents live. 


Preliminary map

Here is a preliminary map constructed by the Brockton Department of Planning & Economic Development, outlining potential boundaries of the BID.  

06232022_Survey Screenshot.jpg

Services Survey

A BID provides supplemental services above those which the City of Brockton provide. This survey will gauge which additional services the BID property owners would like to see. 

2023-03-09 13_33_10-Brockton_FundingAssistanceReport-revised.pdf.png

Local Rapid Recovery Plan (LRRP)

A Business Improvement District (BID) is one of the strategies suggested in the post-COVID recovery efforts the city should undertake. 

MassDevelopment Technical Documentation on how BIDs are proposed, formed, and operated. 

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